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Garza/Bomberger & Associates opened their doors in 1919 as Phelps & Dewees Architects and went on to play a major role in the development of Central and South Texas. From that early beginning, GBA has been involved in the creation of enduring functional and distinctive architecture.

GBA entered educational architecture in 1922 when we became San Antonio Independent School District's "School Board Architects". As a result of this association GBA has been developing public education facilities for nearly 90 years. We have continued this tradition at the school district, university, and community levels throughout Texas.

The firm has had only 14 partners in its history. Six of those 14 are still at the helm today. Combined, the six partners have over 125 years of experience in the profession, the oldest partner having over 40 years, primarily in the design of educational facilities. Each of the partners was promoted from within the firm after years of internship and after demonstration that they represented the philosophies and ideals that have benefited their clients for 95 years. Their longevity with the firm ensures continuity of leadership, expertise, and design excellence. GBA also has the most experienced and stable staff in Texas. Our talented and professional staff provides a unique blend of creativity and quality coupled with industry experience and attention to detail that is evident in every project they commission.

 Company names
1919 - 1930 Phelps Dewees
1931 - 1964 Phelps & Dewees & Simmons
1965 - 1973 Phelps & Simmons
1974 - 1983 Phelps Simmons Garza
1984 - 1993 Phelps/Garza/Bomberger
1994 - today Garza/Bomberger & Associates
5545 Fredericksburg Rd, Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78229
P:210.349.7000 F:210.349.7820

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