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Garza/Bomberger & Associates is pleased to announce the following job opportunity at its San Antonio Offices. The Job Title is Architectural Drafter and the duties are as follows: The architectural drafter will create sketches and architectural designs using Autocad, REVIT and Photoshop software; create models, and computer generated three-dimensional, interactive representations of designed projects; compile information regarding project variables, design elements, structural specifications, materials, and equipment; review functional and spatial requirements, and integrate project specifications into unified architectural designs in line with AIA and ADA standards; develop architectural plans that include detailed project representations, design specifications, construction procedures and guidelines, information regarding quality and quantity of materials, and project (structural) layouts; and maintain project documentation, studies, and reports as necessary. Reports to Project Manager who reports to Principal Architect. The requirements are a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. The Rate of Pay is starting at $42,000 per year and the hours are 40 hours per week (Full Time). The position is located at 5545 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78229. Please contact James Davis regarding this job opportunity. Send Resume and Qualifications to James Davis at: JDavis@GBArch.net, Garza/Bomberger & Associates, 5545 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78229.

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